Kids Yoga & Craft at 'Cabragh Wetlands', Thurles

Kids Yoga (primary school), 3.00-4.00pm


Every Tuesday with Sangita


Mums & Babies Yoga


Classes include:


Asanas (yoga postures): To gently stretch and strengthen the body, to remove physical tension, stimulate and regulate various functions, such as digestion, and to improve overall health.

Pranayama (breathing practices): To balance and enhance energy levels.

Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation): To remove physical, mental and emotional tension, enabling us to connect with a quiet peaceful space within.

Meditation: Japa Meditation (mantra meditation), Trataka (candle gazing), develops a calm steady mind.

The emphasis of these classes is on deep relaxation and developing awareness (mindfulness), in the tradition of the Bihar School of Yoga, India.


Mums & Babies Yoga - 4 week course

Tone up, relax and socialise with other new mums and babies. Develop bonding and confidence as a new mum. Course also includes some experts giving advice on nutrition for Mum, Reflexology and Massage for babies. Tea and chat afterwards in the cafe downstairs (enrolment form)

Kids Yoga - 4 week course

The kids yoga classes are fun and lively. Taught in an imaginative way they increase flexibility, correct breathing, instil relaxation and concentration. Kids classes also include arts & crafts (enrolment form)

Pregnancy - 4 week course

The Yoga is adapted for pregnancy. Experience the physical benefits of yoga, as well as deepening the connection with your baby. Class also gives you a chance to meet other pregnant mums and have a chat.

Sangita has completed additional training as a 'light birth' pregnancy yoga teacher. (enrolment form)

Meditation - 4 week course

This four week course is for beginners and experienced practitioners of yoga and meditation.
The course will cover some of the main meditation practices taught in the Bihar school of Yoga India:

Japa Meditation - Mantra breath meditation with a mala ('rosary beads')
Trataka - Candle gazing, developing a calm steady mind.

Classes include 30 minutes of deep relaxation and visialisation follwed by 30 minutes of meditation. Students need to be able to sit on the floor, on a meditation stool or against a wall. (enrolment form)