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Creativity & Meditation Healings

Sangita uses a combination of art and craft activities, using a Rudolph Steiner approach, with meditation, relaxation, and reiki healing techniques to facilitate the client through a deep inner journey of realignment and healing.


Reiki / Rahanni Healings

Using over 25 years experience of practising reiki, Sangita guides the client into a deeper experience of relaxation in this facilitated healing session. There is some input from the client to facilitate healing. She also uses guidance through the angel, animal spirit and other healing cards to support the client, as well as using flower essences for extra emotional support.


Child Creativity & Meditation Healings

Children are natural healers and have strong intuition. In these sessions the child and parent attend the session together. Depending on their emotional, physical or sensory integrated needs on the day, the child will choose how to direct and lead each session through play, art, reiki, yoga or meditation. All art techniques are based on the Rudolph Steiner nature based teachings.


Creativity & Meditation Classes

Through a group experience, the Rudolph Steiner nature based approach of learning, is used to facilitate an hour long workshop. It's usually a nature based, creativity project, using materials such as wood, leaves, flowers, felt, water, or wool, finishing with an hour of relaxation and guided visualisation. These classes are appropriate for any child needing support with sensory integrated challenges or deep emotional trauma, grief, separation, etc. All art and craft classes are held in our purpose built yoga and meditation centre, which is situated on one acre of gardens in the Tipperary hills. All guided Reiki/Rahanni, relaxation and meditations sessions are facilitated in the yoga and meditation room.


Sessions cost €70 per hour and a half

Child sessions €35

Group sessions €20 per person, €30 per family.

If interested, please contact Sangita for details:

+353 (0)87 393 9818



Learning reiki with Sangita  was such a special and memorable experience. Sangita held space in such an amazing way. I was made welcome and warm from the moment I entered to the moment i left the center. The center is hard to describe but even harder to forget once you've experienced the space. She was always only a message away if anything came up afterwards. I would highly recommend.
Sean Slattery

Sangita is amazing, a beautiful kind soul with such a warm heart. I am beyond honoured to be bringing my young son to her for the past 7months. He looks forward to his sessions with Sangita. Her warm compassionate nature relaxes my son and allows him to be himself and feel safe. His confidence and flexibility has improved so much.

I've attended Sangita for a healing session and it was a wonderful experience. The atmosphere was peaceful and relaxing. I felt grounded and lighter, like a weight had been lifted.Getting in touch with Sangita was the best decision I ever made.
Joanne and Darragh

I have received many healing sessions from Sangita over the last few years. Sangita's highly developed intuition, her deep wisdom, knowledge and compassion made each session unique, appropriate and so effective. I always left Sangita feeling empowered, renewed and more connected to my true self. Thanks so much for all the help you have given me Sangita.
Therese Meehan