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Sanyam & Sangita, husband/wife, founded the Tipperary Yoga & Meditation Centre in 2006. They are dedicated yoga practitioners who strive to live a yogic lifestyle fulltime. They have trained with some of the world's most respected yogis and convey an authentic vision of yoga in their classes, while simultaneously making it accessible to all.


They offer a variety of classes, weekend programs, residential retreats and customized personal retreats from their centre in Drombane, Co. Tipperary.


Sangita & Sanyam also teach privately, in schools, day care centres and in association with the Etb. Collectively, they have 45 years of yoga experience, with over 30 years teaching between them. Yoga is their passion and way of life, which they warmly invite you to experience.


the teachers


Started practising yoga at the age of 16 (35 years ago!) and has completed Satyananda Yoga/Bihar Yoga teacher training in Ireland, Australia and London.


Atmasangita has spent time in Satyananda Yoga centres and ashrams around the world, but mainly Rikhia and Munger ashram in India, living the daily quietly disciplined ashram life under the presence of Swami Satyananda, Swami Niranjan and Swami Satsangi. She regularly travels to the ashrams in India with her family and students to immerse in the blissful and empowering experience of ashram living.


As a teenager she was exposed to Satyananda Yoga so has experienced first hand the profound stabilising and balancing affect that yoga and meditation has on children and family life.


She is also very interested in the physical, emotional and spiritual healing process. As a young child, she spent time in hospital recovering from a road traffic accident which later led to post traumatic stress. Using the yogic healing system of prana vidya and her reiki/seicheim training, she has healed herself and has treated many other people over the years.


Spiritual awakening and developing awareness on all our many levels through the many paths of yoga is her passion for living.


Atmasangita received karma sannyasa diksha from Swamiji Niranjanananda in France 2005 and endeavours to keep true to his teachings through the system of yoga propagated by the Bihar School of Yoga and inspire as many open hearted and open minded students as she can.





First encountered yogis while travelling around India in 1998. Soon after, he bought an 'around the world ticket' and spent a year immersing himself in yoga, living in ashrams and experiencing yogic lifestyle. First he attended a four month residential course at the world renowned Bihar School of Yoga, India; where the disciplined daily structure, practical training and spiritual discourses had a profound impact, transforming his outlook on life. He then spent several months in Ashrams in Australia and New Zealand before returning to the Bihar School of Yoga, India on his return journey to Scotland.

Over the following years, Sanyamatma has attended many additional residential courses in India and elsewhere and visits the main ashrams in NE India as often as possible to offer seva (service to the ashram's mission) and receive guidance from his Guru, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.

From 2003-2005, he underwent extensive Satyananda Yoga teacher training with Swami Pragyamurti, during which time he lived and worked in the Satyananda Yoga Centre in London.

Sanyamatma continues to be amazed by the transformative power that yogic techniques and lifestyle changes can have on health, mental attitude and energy levels. It is his hope and aim to inspire students in their own transformations and provide the yogic tools to aid this ongoing process.

He has a passion for the meditation techniques of trataka (candle gazing) and mantra japa, and runs a business designing and manufacturing specialist yoga products.

See his website for more:




monthly chanting

On the second Saturday of every month we conduct Mahamrityunjaya havan, for healing, energy, power, immunity and strength.


The mantra is repeated 108 times with offerings to the fire.


All are welcome to join in and attendance is free of charge. If you'd like to help with the rice yantra and preparations aim to arrive at 4.30pm. Thanks!


Chanting starts at 5pm.

Please arrive early and phone for details


After havan, we usually serve dinner for everyone who wants to stay. Sleeping arrangements are also possible.


087 3939818 - Sangita

087 7404136 - Sanyam





Sanyam has a passion for the meditation techniques of trataka (candle gazing) and mantra japa, and runs a business designing and manufacturing specialist yoga products. See his website for more:


Japa Malas - handmade, knotted malas (rosary) for the practice of mantra repetition. (Made by Sanyam)


Trataka Stands - adjustable candle stands for trataka, candle meditation. (Designed/produced by Sanyam)


Yoga Danda - traditional wooden crutch used to aid pranayama, japa and meditation. (Designed/made by Sanyam)


Meditation stools - Fixed leg and folding designs made to order. (Designed/made by Sanyam)


All Satyananda publications can be ordered from in Spain. Many are also available through and esoteric book shops.

gift vouchers

Why not give your loved one the gift of health?

Gift voucher

'It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.' - Mahatma Gandhi

We offer gift vouchers for any amount you choose, valid for a year. Use vouchers for full or part payment of: Yoga classes, courses & retreats or therapy sessions with Sangita (Reiki, Seichim, Rahanni etc).


The following links are sources for further study, reading materials, retreat centres and some popular yoga accessories.


Yoga Accessories - Sanyam's site, selling custom-made japa malas, telescopic trataka stands for candle meditation and yoga danda. He also makes meditation stools to order.


Further Reading & Resources - Magazine of the Bihar School of Yoga & Bihar Yoga Bharati. Archives of the magazine are available online containing hundreds of articles on yoga and meditation.


satsangs - Spiritual Discourse. A selection of Satsangs to guide and inspire. - Full of information and articles on yoga.


Bihar Yoga Apps - Listen to Yoga Nidra, Meditations and Satsangs. Get advice on class plans to suit you, recordings of the morning chants and much more! Free, available on Android & Apple.


Bihar Yoga - online library and more!

'We are pleased to inform you that under the inspiration of Swamiji, Bihar School of Yoga has released a complete yoga lifestyle program, including techniques of sanyam, yamas, niyamas, chantings, asanas, pranayamas, relaxation, japa and meditation, in Satyam Yoga Prasad


To access, you'll need to register your email and will then receive a code to access the website. The program is called: Living A Yogic Lifestyle Program.

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