The emphasis of most classes is on deep relaxation and developing awareness (mindfulness), in the tradition of the Bihar School of Yoga, India.


Classes include:


Asanas (yoga postures): To gently stretch and strengthen the body, to remove physical tension, stimulate and regulate various functions, such as digestion, and to improve overall health.

Pranayama (breathing practices): To balance and enhance energy levels.

Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation): To remove physical, mental and emotional tension, enabling us to connect with a quiet peaceful space within.

These aspects are adapted to suit the level of class; such as kids yoga, beginners, intermediate, meditation and pregnancy.


Classes offered:


Beginners, Beginners continued, First Year, Intermediate & Advanced

Kids & Teenage yoga

Meditation, introduction course

Meditation, deeper courses: Antar Mouna (mindfulness), Ajapa Japa, Trataka, Mantra Chanting

Pregnancy, Mums & Babies, Post natal yoga, Parent & Toddler

Gentle yoga

60+ yoga

Special needs



Suitable for all ages and levels of physical fitness. No experience necessary.

Beginners yoga is taught with a gentle and systematic approach. Students will be introduced to the foundation practices of Bihar Yoga, including basic postures, breathing practices and relaxation techniques.

Through these practices students gently stretch and strengthen the body, remove aches and pains, improve/increase breath capacity, boost vitality and come in touch with their calm self through the relaxation technique of yoga nidra (yogic sleep). (see timetable) (enrolment form)

Beginners continued / First Year Yoga


'Beginners continued' is for students who've had some experience of yoga and want to go deeper. All courses are taught back to back, so students gradually progress in confidence, ability and understanding. Over time the 'beginners' group becomes 'Beginners Continued' then 'First Year Yoga' and after two years of regular practice 'Intermediate' . (see timetable) (enrolment form)


All levels


Mixed level class, suitable for all ages and levels of physical fitness. The class tends to be quite gentle, but is tailored to suit students needs. Suitable for beginners. (see timetable) (enrolment form)



Suitable for students who have attended at least two years regular yoga classes here or elsewhere.

In the intermediate class students are introduced to stronger postures, pranayama practices are developed and the relaxation techniques evolve towards pratyahara (sensory withdrawal), dharana (relaxed concentration) and dhyana (meditation). Deeper concepts of yoga are introduced and experienced, leading to greater inner stillness. (enrolment form)


For people with some experience of yoga and meditation. Experienced practitioners from other traditions are very welcome!

The overall emphasis of the class is to guide students towards physical comfort, mental quiet and a state of relaxed awareness. To begin each class asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) are practised to create physical comfort and mental relaxation. Once the body is comfortable and focused the meditation techniques begin.

Some of the practices taught within Bihar Yoga include: kaya sthairyam (body stillness), trataka (candle gazing), antar mouna (inner stillness), ajapa japa and mantra japa (mantra chanting). (see timetable) (enrolment form)


Yoga in pregnancy gives you an empowering attitude, preparing you for labour and for impending motherhood.

Through the ancient practices of yoga postures, breathing techniques, deep relaxation and gentle meditation techniques, experience the physical benefits of yoga, as well as becoming more in touch with your intuitive self and deepening the connection with your baby.

Pregnancy yoga is adapted to suit pregnant women, there is more emphasis on teaching correct breathing and relaxation skills.

Sangita has completed additional training as a 'light birth' pregnancy yoga teacher. (see timetable) (enrolment form)

Kids Yoga


The kids yoga class is taught specifically for kids in a fun and imaginative way, kids love to role play so it is this aspect of their nature that is emphasised in the kids yoga class.

Kids yoga is non competitive, in fact it facilitates the kids to discover their own unique personality, and their own individual way of experiencing the world.

The following benefits are derived from the various aspects of the kids yoga class.

Awareness of their body, an increase in strength and flexibility, correct breathing which is vital to a child’s development, release of exhaustion and over stimulation which ultimately lends to a more centred, balanced child.

The kids learn to know what relaxation is, concentration comes with ease as does improved confidence.

Coming together in group activities is important as is positive speech and praise.

Ultimately the classes stimulate their imagination, self expression and offer a space to develop themselves. (see timetable) (enrolment form)

Private tuition - for individuals and groups


We teach privately outside of our regular class schedule, to individuals and groups.

Some people prefer to practice on their own and a private class will often accelerate the effects of yoga, as the class is very specific to your needs. A private class is also a great way to deal with specific ailments, such as anxiety, hypertension, irritable bowel, asthma etc.

We are also asked to teach in schools (kindergarten/primary/secondary), youth groups, women's groups, hospice patients, special needs and to the elderly (active retirement, day care etc.).

Individuals: Classes are usually for 90 minutes, €50 total per class, 1-4 students. Additional students usually charged at €12.50 per person per class. We recommend you come to the yoga centre where the atmosphere is beneficial. If we teach from another venue travel expenses may be added.

Schools: Price depends on several factors, venue, type of class, distance etc. Primary/Secondary school classes are about €30 per class, plus travel expenses. This assumes we're offering several classes in a row, but would cost more for just one class.
We'd recommend the following class times, based on attention span: Juniors/Seniors - 30 minute classes, 1st-6th Class - 45 minute classes. Secondary school - 45mins to 90 minute classes.

Groups: Price depends on several factors, venue, type of class, distance etc. Usually we charge about €60 for an hour class for 'active retirement', 'day care' group etc. These classes are often taught sitting in chairs (at your venue) and don't require us to bring in mats, meditation stools etc.

Please phone or email and we can discuss your needs.