Kids Camps

1st-4th July - Kids Camp (residential options)

Yoga is about discovering one's creative self. For children part of that expression is freedom of speech and being comfortable enough to express their own opinions. The yoga camps give children a space to be themselves and to excel, whether it is through body movements, imagination, creativeness, music, meditation practices, creative visualisations, stories, baking, cooking etc.

Each day is a journey through the creative and meditative process using asana, pranayama, chakras, mandalas, colours and stories.

Children learn to express their inner selves through the medium of the senses.


All Kids Camps are from 10am - 2.30pm* and include:


Asana and Pranayama Classes in the morning.

Relaxation class (yoga nidra) in the afternoon.

Rudolf Steiner based art principles. Arts & crafts, as a fun and tactile way to focus.

Meditation practices, Chanting/Havan in the evenings.

Vegetarian meals.


*Kids over 10 yrs who would like to stay, €15 per night.


Kids Camp (four days) - €100 1st child, €50 2nd child from same family.