Our Mission

Karma sannyasa

Sanyamatma and Atmasangita have been initiated as karma sannyasins by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, Bihar School of Yoga. They strive to imbibe the yogic teachings and live a yogic lifestyle full time. A yogic lifestyle is a simplified way of living which utilizes the yoga practices & philosophies to ultimately discover the source of endless strength and peace within ourselves.

“Sannyasa is actually keeping in trust your abilities, your strengths, your qualities for the benefit of human society; and pursuing one aim in life, a creative aim, which becomes your lifestyle, which becomes your path, which becomes your desire and aspiration. This aim is the discovery of the self: To find transcendence from pain and suffering, and to develop the awareness to the extent where your external interactions are creative, supportive and positive; and your inner awareness is experiencing the microcosmic and the macro cosmic consciousness. This is the aim of sannyasa.”

- Swami Niranjananada Saraswati


Work in progress, we'll be updating this soon-ish.