Take a break from everything and everyone, recharge and simplify your life, so you can return with a calm mind and renewed enthusiasm.

These weekends are a chance to go much deeper with the practices and retreat from the everyday demands of busy lives. They are similar to Yoga Days, but the extra time multiplies the benefits, giving you an experience of yoga as a lifestyle.


All weekends include:

Asana and Pranayama classes in the morning.
Deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and/or meditation practices in the afternoon.
Meditation practices, Chanting/Havan in the evenings.
Vegetarian meals.

Karma yoga: Some of the day will be spent grounding by working in the garden, kitchen or elsewhere observing the mind and developing awareness in action.

Each weekend highlights certain practices and may include other techniques such as mouna (developing outer and inner silence), cleansing practices, prolonged mantra repetition, chanting or havan (fire ceremony) etc.


Yogic Detox Retreat

Learn the yogic cleansing techniques of Laghoo Shankaprakshalana (intestinal cleanse), Kunjal Kriya (stomach cleanse) and Jala Neti (saline water nose wash). These practices are amazing at boosting energy, improving breathing and helping to restore the function of the digestive system. The cleanse will be preformed on arrival followed by relaxing and restorative yoga techniques. The cleanse must be preformed on a completely empty stomach.

Laghoo Shankaprakshalana involves drinking luke warm saline water and practicing certain yogic postures to systematically cleanse the stomach, intestines and rectum. Kunjal Kriya involves drinking the same solution and regurgitating the clean warm salty water, which cleans the stomach, boosts energy and improves the respiratory system. Jala neti uses a special pot (nose buddy) to improve breath flow in the nose; great for everyone, but particularly those with regular blocked nostrils, allergies, hayfever, sinusitus etc.

Although these are fairly simple practices, certain conditions may be exacerbated; contraindications include: stomach ulcers, hernia, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes with eye problems (kunjal).

Sat 9am - Sunday 2pm, €165 fully residential


Mantra Japa Retreat

Spend the weekend learning and chanting Sanskrit mantras alongside other complementary practices of yoga i.e. asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation, mala making, havan (fire ceremony) etc. with a focus on mantra to energise, harmonize and develop inner stillness.

The 6th April is a 'mala making workshop', 7th April is a 'Japa meditation day'. For anyone wanting to attend both yoga days, we will accomodate you and include extra practices in the evening and early morning.

'We are constantly producing frequencies in our environment through our speech, thought patterns, feelings and emotional expressions, and mantra helps us to achieve a point of balance in the frequencies we are emitting.' - Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Saturday 10am - Sunday 5pm, €165 fully residential


Family Yoga Retreat, TBC 2020

Yoga is about discovering one's creative self. For children part of that expression is freedom of speech and being comfortable enough to express their own opinions. The yoga camps give children a space to be themselves and to excel, whether it is through body movements, imagination, creativeness, music, meditation practices, creative visualisations, stories, baking, cooking etc.

Family retreats will include group practices done as a family as well as time spent apart with separate activities for children and parent/s. See more details on kids camps page.

Saturday 10am - Sunday 2pm, €150 Parent & child, €50 per additional adult or child from the same family.