Yoga Mornings & Days

These sessions are wonderful opportunities to go deeper into the practices and develop your ability to relax and recharge. They are all 'drop in' classes, open to anyone interested, but please book in advance.

Weekend and longer courses are listed on the Retreats and Kids Camps pages.

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Courses offered:

Yoga morning
, Yoga day

Yoga 'detox' morning, 'detox' day

Yoga lifestyle day

Kids yoga day, Kids yoga CAMP

Meditation day

Meditation course - Introduction to Meditation, suitable for beginners.

Yoga nidra - Developing the systematic technique of deep relaxation.

Yoga capsules - 5 month course, developing a daily practice.

Mala making day

Japa meditation day

Creating mandalas


Yoga morning - 10am - 1pm

The day begins with a gentle class of yoga postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama), followed by a short break. The next session is a relaxation and meditation class and the day concludes with some chai drinking and an informal chat or questions. €30

Yoga day - 10am - 5pm

Come and enjoy a relaxing day of yoga in a tranquil environment.

The day begins with a gentle class of yoga postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama), followed by a vegetarian lunch. After lunch there's a short break, a chance for a short walk etc. Next we discuss the hatha yoga cleansing techniques (see Detox above) and there's an opportunity to practice neti (salt water nasal cleanse), which is very easy and pleasant! The afternoon programme involves a relaxation and meditation class and the day concludes with some chai drinking and an informal chat. €65

Yogic 'Detox' morning - 9am - 11am (allow until 12pm)

Learn the yogic cleansing techniques of Laghoo Shankaprakshalana (intestinal cleanse), Kunjal Kriya (stomach cleanse, energy boost), Jala Neti (saline water nose wash). These practices are amazing at boosting energy, improving breathing and helping to reboot the digestive system. The cleanse must be preformed on a completely empty stomach (only drink water prior to the practice).

Laghoo Shankaprakshalana involves drinking luke warm saline water and practicing certain yogic postures to systematically cleanse the stomach, intestines and rectum. Kunjal Kriya involves drinking the same solution and regurgitating the clean warm salty water, to clean the stomach and loosen excess mucus in the chest. Jala neti uses a special pot (nose buddy) to improve breath flow in the nose; great for anyone but especially those with allergies, hayfever, sinusitus, deviated septum etc. €20


Yogic 'Detox' day - 9am - 4pm

Give yourself the whole day to benefit from this sensitizing cleanse, rather than rushing back into activity. The longer session consists of lunch, followed by a deep relaxation or meditation class and the day concludes with some chai drinking and an informal chat or dvd on yoga. €65

Yoga lifestyle day - 10am - 5pm

Spend the day developing yoga in action. Karma yoga is action preformed with awareness, efficiency, excellence, equanimity, enjoyment and a sense of selfless involvement in all activity.

The day includes a yoga class of asana and pranayama in the morning and relaxation class (yoga nidra) in the afternoon. The rest of the day will be spent working in the garden, kitchen and elsewhere observing the mind and developing the qualities listed above. €65

Kids yoga day - 10am - 2.30pm

These days are short fun action packed days for children of all ages. The days include a yoga class of postures and breathing practices, and also treasure hunts, mala making sessions, yantra rice creations, drawing, painting and some yummy lunch. The day concludes with a short relaxation practice (yoga nidra) for the children. €30 each, 50% - 2nd child from the same family.

Kids yoga CAMP - 10am - 2.30pm - 4 days

The Kids CAMP is a fun packed week of kids yoga.

Meditation day - 10am - 5pm

This day is for people with some experience of yoga and meditation. Experienced practitioners from other traditions are very welcome! The day starts with a class of yoga postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama), with an emphasis on developing stillness of body and mind. In the afternoon there is an extensive meditation class. The overall emphasis of the day is on quiet and silence (mouna), which enables the student to experience themselves and the yoga practices at a deeper level. €65

Meditation Morning - 11.00am -1.00pm

These mornings are for beginners as well as those with some experience of yoga and meditation.
The classes will cover some of the main meditation practices taught in the Bihar Yoga Tradition:

Japa Meditation - Mantra breath meditation with a mala ('rosary beads')
Trataka - Candle gazing, developing a calm steady mind
Antar Mouna - Developing inner silence, ability to witness thoughts/emotions
Hridyakasha Dharana - Heart space meditation, developing compassion, empathy

Classes will all include Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and Sanskrit chanting.

Each Class provides handouts for home practice. €20 each week.

Yoga Nidra - 11.00am -12.30pm

The practice of 'Yoga Nidra' is a systematic technique to induce deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra is an integral part of Bihar Yoga/Satyananda Yoga, the system of yoga that we teach. This course will give you a chance to go deeper into the practice and will include some theory too.
€15 each week.

Yoga Capsules - 11.00am -1.00pm

This five week course is for motivated students wanting to develop a regular and balanced daily practice. It is based on Swami Niranjanananda’s ‘Yoga Capsule Sadhana’ which distills yoga down to the minimum essential requirements. It is designed for busy people who want to do some daily practice, but don’t necessarily have much time to devote to yoga.
The course covers Asana (postures), Pranayama (to alter the energy body), Yoga Nidra (systematic deep relaxation), Chanting Mantras and S.W.A.N meditation for self reflection and creating change.
Students are advised to practice daily at home, to derive real benefit and understanding. You will leave each month with more ‘pieces of the puzzle’ and your experience will grow alongside the amount of effort you’re able to put in. By the end of the course, you will have had a personal experience of how these practices transform your life and you’ll have a balanced yoga program with which to continue this ongoing process. €85 for 5 wks, or €20 each week.

Mala making day with Havan (fire ceremony) - 10am - 5pm

If you have ever wanted to make a mala this is the workshop for you!

Sanyam is teaching a mala making workshop, with a focus on mantra to energise, harmonize and develop inner stillness. The day will include chanting mantras, some asana & pranayama, lots of mala making and will culminate in havan preparations (inc. making rice yantra) and havan (fire ceremony).

The day is open to anyone wishing to learn mala making (so basic craft skill is important). Everyone will leave with their own mala and or threads to finish making it at home. If you have broken malas you'd like to repair, please bring them with you. We'll aim to cover all aspects of mala making e.g. bead selection, threading, knotting, tassel making, wrist malas, how to use a mala etc. €65

Sanyam has been making and teaching how to make malas for 20 years. He runs a business producing/repairing custom malas for practitioners worldwide. See his website for more info:

Japa meditation day - 10am - 5pm

These days are for keen beginners as well as those with some experience of yoga and meditation.
The classes will include some basic asanas (postures) to loosen the body and pranayama (breathing techniques) to balance the energies. The focus is on mantra, using various forms of mantra repitition, including chanting mantras out loud, traditional Ajapa Japa (breath/mantra meditation) and mantra while using a mala (yogic rosary). €65

Exploring Creativity in Yoga with Mandalas - 10am - 5pm

Details TBC